Why Dive R?

DiveR Australia offers a line of fin blades that provides a unique blend of flexibility, responsiveness, and power, offering a competitive edge to freedivers and spearos alike. The fins' advanced hydrodynamic design reduces drag and increases speed, allowing for better control and maneuverability in the water.

Selecting the right weight-to-fin flex ratio is crucial for efficient swimming, longer dive times, and deeper depths. With DiveR Australia fins, freedivers can conserve energy, achieve greater distances and depths with ease, and experience the thrill of underwater exploration in a way that traditional fins simply cannot match.

Material Impact

  • Life Span: DiveR fins last on average 4X longer than other carbon fiber fin brands, average 8 year life span.

  • Efficient Propulsion: Carbon fiber provides extreme kinetic output & propulsion

  • Speed and Glide: Reduce drag, increasing speed for & glide form.

  • Reduced Muscle Fatigue: Balanced flexibility and output minimizes muscle fatigue, increasing breath hold.

  • Buoyancy Control: Carbon materials aid controlled descents & ascents for safety.

  • Weight & Maneuverability: Lighter materials make fins more maneuverable, allowing for rapid directional change.

Reliable Performance

  • Safety: Durable fins reduce risks during dives, especially in challenging locations.

  • Warranty: DiveR provides a 3-year warranty for compliant products.

  • Pro-use: Essential for professional divers, durable fins ensure efficient and safe performance underwater.

  • Confidence: Trustworthy and reliable, durable fins let divers focus on their experience without equipment worries.

  • Travel Friendly: Withstanding travel and storage stresses, durable fins remain in excellent condition for diving adventures.

Hand Crafted

  • Design prints: All designs are printed in New South Wales, Australia.

  • Layering: DiveR infuses its proprietary layering technology in-house.

  • Assembly: All fin blades are cut and assembled in Australia.

  • Cutting: Hand finished and cut within Australia.

  • Edging: Edged and sanded for final preparation and glossing.

Built to last

  • Life Span: DiveR fins last on average 4X longer than other carbon fiber fin brands, averaging a 10 + year life span. The fin you see featured in this video is 19 years old and still a functional work horse.

  • Material Engineering: DiveR fins were created to solve the pain point of having high performance, reliability and durability in one blade, something that was not and still is not available anywhere else on the market.

  • Cost Saving: DiveR fins command a higher price point than competitors because we know our fins go the distance whilst also maintaining guaranteed performance. Like our founder Ray Powell once did, you may find yourself going through 4-5 sets of regular carbon fins in the time it takes to go through one pair of DiveR's.

Hand Prepared

  • Rails: Each set of DiveR fins come pre-assembled with black or white foot pocket rails.

  • Sanding: DiveR fins are hand-sanded to maximize efficiency and eliminate carbon flake.

  • Glossing: All DiveR fins are coated with a UV protective gloss, enhancing imagery and preventing UV decay.

  • Washed: Each fin is washed and cleaned thoroughly to mitigate imperfections like glue or dust.

  • Inspection: All DiveR fins go through rigorous inspection at each stage of manufacturing, including a final inspection pre-shipment.