Materials Guide

Each material price reflects a level of rarity and performance. DiveR Australia works with a global network of some of the most advanced material manufacturers on the planet compiling over 20 years of testing and thousands of hours of dive time feedback, the following materials are what we are proud to present to our market of extreme dive athletes and passionate customers:

Composite Fiber:

A step up from traditional thermoplastic fin blades.

Composite blades are slightly heavier and less resilient than carbon blades, but what they lack in weight and flexibility they make up for in extreme endurance and durability. Good for commercial divers, composite excels when performance and dependability are required.

  • Lightweight Construction: Reduces fatigue and improves maneuverability
  • Stiffness and Responsiveness: Enables powerful propulsion and enhanced performance in the water.
  • Efficient Propulsion: Provides reduced leg fatigue and improved maneuverability, leading to a more enjoyable and productive diving experience.

Carbon Fiber:

A step up from composite fiber.

Carbon fiber blades are lighter weight than composite blades and have enhanced propulsion and performance, propelling divers at superior speed and velocity.

  • Lightweight: Enhances maneuverability and reduces fatigue during dives.
  • High Strength and Stiffness: Provides powerful and precise kicks for improved propulsion and responsiveness underwater.

HypeTex Fiber:

A step up from carbon fiber.

HypeTex uses a large spread tow carbon weave that results in increased torsional stiffness. They are lighter than standard carbon fiber blades and have increased performance that is advantageous to serious freedivers.

  • Visual Aesthetics: Vibrant colors and patterns for eye-catching designs.
  • Extremely Lightweight: Easier maneuverability and reduced fatigue during dives.
  • Strength and Stiffness: Provides powerful and efficient propulsion.
  • Durability: Resistant to corrosion, impacts, and wear for long-lasting performance underwater.

Innegra Fiber:

A step up from HypeTex fiber.

Innegra is the latest in technology from the leaders in spread tow fiber development. Innegra fiber allows the fin to deform far past normal carbon and composite fins. This high tech fiber is hydrophobic and designed to absorb impact, but unlike Kevlar, does not degrade over time and is simply the best fin ever produced by DiveR.

  • Impact Resistance: Protects fins from damage and enhances durability.
  • Flexibility: Improves energy transfer for efficient propulsion.
  • Lightweight: Reduces fatigue and enhances maneuverability underwater.
  • Used in industries such as Formula 1 and aerospace
  • Vibration Damping: Provides a smoother and controlled swimming experience.
  • Chemical Resistance: Protects fins from degradation in various diving environments.